Colostrum, the first breast milk is rich in substances that enhance the immune system and facilitate growth and development (immunoglobulins, growth factors, amino acids, vitamins, minerals …). It is extremely important that newborns receive colostrum, which mother produces only the first few hours after giving birth. It represents the first and natural vaccine for a newborn baby. It contains 97 immune factors and 87 factors responsible for growth and development.

We came up with a solution how to make such a useful substance accessible to all … Completely natural KolostrumExtra for you and your child.

In addition to strengthening the immune system, colostrum accelerates rejuvenation and regeneration. It contains a high concentration of probiotics and contributes to better digestion. In this manner it strengthens the complete organism.

Top athletes use it for faster recovery of the body after a hard workout.

KolostrumExtra has a package of 120 and 30 capsules / 500mg of colostrum in a single capsule, which is produced by a patented method – freezing, based on which the composition of the related substances is on average 30% higher than in other preparations available on the market.