Immune system is a complex set of mechanisms and reactions in the body whose role is to protect the body from disease and infection. The main task is to discern its own and foreign cells, tissues or chemical substances. However, when something does not work properly, there is a health problem, disease or autoimmune reaction. Subsequently, they are increasingly becoming a social problem. The only way to get out of this is to enhance the immune system of the body – including the use of dietary supplements: stIMUNO Komplex.

To whom can this help?

Basically to everyone: To people who already have a weakened immune system, and also as a precautionary measure in people with undisturbed immunity. Demand for strengthening the immune system continues to grow, and this product is a combination of substances that support the immune system.


The main objective of the stIMUNO complex is to strengthen the immune system with its recipe unique in the market. A similar product does not exist and the stIMUNO complex constitution is currently unique in the market.

Simple dosing

Dosage depends on whether you want to strengthen your immune system preventively or instantly when you feel the need. If you care for your health prevention, one or two capsules per day are enough dosage. If some health problems occur, the dosage may be increased for a short time, even to ten capsules a day. 

Ideal combination

It should be noted that the support of the immunity is only one part of the prevention you can do for your body. There are immunity, hormones, internal environment, adaptation to different types of stress: work stress, emotional, chemical, physical… „For the complete prevention, it is necessary to act in all directions. StIMUNO Komplex covers only the immune system, but carnosine combines a wide range of areas. We recommend stIMUNO Komplex and KARNOZIN EXTRA as the perfect combination.