Coenzyme Q10 is a natural substance essential for the maintenance of all biological processes in the body!

Why is Coenzyme Q10 so important?

It is an integral part of cell organelles-mitochondria, which represent the “power plant” of each cell, as they provide about 95% of the energy necessary for performing life processes. Coenzyme Q10 participates in the production of ATP, which cells use to perform all physiological processes.

As a result of reduced production of this coenzyme, there is a decrease in energy processes in the body, a gradual decrease in the functioning of cells, and hence the tissue, organ and organ system. Finally, organism has no enough strength to deal with functional disorders, weakness of the immune system and stress intolerance.

Coenzyme Q10 is and important antioxidant, it contributes to better circulation, stimulates immune system, increases tissue oxygenation, acts neuroprotective and has a significant effect on the aging process.


Recommended for:

  • Cardio-vascular disorders and high blood pressure
  • People on statin therapy
  • Mitochondrial  Illnesses
  • Diabetes
  • Recovery from exhausting trainings
  • Neuro-degenerative disorders: Multiple sclerosis, ALS, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • As preventive, every healthy person above 30 years


Why is Komplex Q10 better than other products on today’s market?

A unique combination of natural substances provides maximum utilization of CoQ10 enabling its transport to cell mitochondria and passing through the mitochondrial membrane. Most CoQ10-based products do not have the ability to pass the mitochondrial membrane, and therefore do not play their key role.

Komplex Q10 is produced according to GMP standards, without any GMO ingredient and according to the recipe made by medical experts.

Komplex Q10 ingredients:

Inulin 70mg

Coenzyme Q10 70mg

Reservatol 55mg

Vitamin E 20mg

L-Carnitine 20mg

Coenzyme Q-10 creates the energy necessary for breathing processes. Plants are able to create this coenzyme. Microorganisms are also required to ensure their own life processes and they take it from the soil, plants or residues of living organisms. It can be concluded that coenzyme Q-10 is part of food chain, where a man is located at the end.

So far, research has shown that coenzyme Q-10 is part of the cell organelles-mitochondria, which represent the “power plant” of each cell, as they provide about 95% of the energy necessary for performing life processes. Coenzyme Q-10 participates in the creation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which cells use to perform all physiological processes. Coenzyme Q-10 is an important mediator in all oxidizing-reduction processes. It is the coenzyme that facilitates and regulates all biochemical reactions. Whether it’s about the division or movement of the cell or the metabolic process – it all requires energy. In the absence of coenzyme Q-10, the process of energy generation is interrupted, and the process of all biochemical processes in the cell is stopped. The largest indispensable amount of coenzyme Q-10 is produced in the liver, while in a small percentage it is produced from the food we intake. To create coenzyme Q-10 in the liver, amino acids tyrosine and mevalonic acid (which is also the basis for the production of cholesterol) are necessary.

Studies have also shown that coenzyme Q-10 is significant as a supplement in cases where there are health dis-balances associated with oxidative stress (high content of free radicals of oxygen). It is very important that the use of statins-medicines that reduce cholesterol levels can decrease the production of coenzyme Q-10. The use of coenzyme Q-10 significantly reduces inflammatory processes (CRP) and oxidative stress in patients with ischemic heart disease, especially in patients using statins. It is also very important preventive and therapeutic supplement and can improve the condition of the so-called. static cardiomyopathy and other myopathies (heart muscle as well as other muscles in the body). The use of coenzyme Q-10 also positively affects chronic cardiac insufficiency. It also protects DNA damage from possible mutations that can be caused by free radicals.

The use of coenzyme Q-10 has proven to be a successful prevention of the development of renal and neurological disorders. It also accelerates endothelial function (elasticity, prevents the development of atherosclerosis) and thus reduces the percentage of cardiovascular disease development in the elderly – it has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. In patients with multiple sclerosis, coenzyme Q-10 reduces oxidative stress, which is a typical side effect of this disease. There are so called. neuro-protective features – protects the nerve tissue from damage. His positive effect was studied in other neurodegenerative diseases: Huntington’s disease (chorea), Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, Friedrich’s ataxia, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

It should be noted that the properties of coenzyme Q-10 are very important in gynecological diseases, in particular as prevention of preeclampsia in pregnancy and abortion. It also reduces the processes of angiogenesis (the creation of new blood vessels as a result of tumor activity, tumor growth and metastases).

Dr. Peter Mithchel explained his role in our organism, for which he received the Nobel Prize. Coenzyme Q10 is one of the most powerful things in the human body – it is necessary to maintain all biological processes in the body. CoQ10 participates in the creation of energy in every cell of our organism. It acts as a catalyst in the process of converting food into energy, which occurs in mitochondria.

Life without Coenzyme Q10 is not possible – in the absence of this important nutrient our body simply could not function.