Mitochondrial Medicine

Mitochondrial medicine focuses on the processes that occur at the cellular level. Proper cells functioning leads to appropriate work of tissues, organs, and the whole organism. It can be said that their life depends on two main factors: stability of the protein structure (a cell functions only when it has a specific structure) and energy made in cell organelles (mitochondria).

Mitochondria have a central place in the production of energy in all human and animal cells and, simply put, they appear like a small factory for cell production. Without mitochondria, life is not possible.

The number of mitochondria is highly variable and may reach a figure of tens of thousands, and only in one cell. It depends, of course, on the type of cell, a function of the cell in the body and also on the intensity of the functioning of the cell. It is scientifically proven that mitochondria have their DNA (encoding the power generation), the damage of which activates a series of pathogen changes in both mitochondria and the cell, therefore this may lead to the development of cancer, cardiovascular and other diseases…